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Friday Fun Stuff

I've seen this before elsewhere, but here's a chart of how many non-African countries you can fit in the continent of Africa. It shouldn't be a shock that you can fit multiple countries, even multiple large countries, into an entire continent, but due to the Mercator projection, plus probably just not thinking about Africa much, a lot of people are rather surprised by how big it actually is.

Speaking of how big things are, io9 also put together a collection of size comparison of a bunch of different SF things. Spaceships, monsters, buildings, and a few other odds and ends. Though beware! The Sandworm Size Chart is totally inaccurate however, as someone may or may not have pointed out in the comments :) (Hmm, perhaps someone should put together a size comparison chart of the size comparison charts shown on io9?)

I'm trying to remember which was the first spaceship size comparison chart i ever saw. I can't remember if it was late 1990s or early 2000s.

Maybe it was this guy, but i'm really not sure:

Just to prove that size isn't everything, here are some adorable tiny dragons :)

(Yes, as usual, almost everything is from io9, if you already read io9, you're mostly out of luck =P)

And to break away from the size trend completely, here's another "how scientifically accurate was Gravity?" article. It covers all the things brought up in the Bad Astronomy review but hits a couple other points as well. Also, one of the three experts in the panel is Phil Plait. COINCIDENCE?

And finally, just cause there always ought to be music videos, here's a newish Doubleclicks video about Dimetrodon :)
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