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Triva Travesty

Avalyn, thumbie, shamiksan and i did our usual tuesday-night trivia thing last night. We managed to come in 3rd place, while simultaneously feeling kind of dumb about it.

We were four points away from first place, which would be awesome if we hadn't totally failed at four questions that were right in what we consider our core competencies. Thumbie got one point wrong about the Beatles. Avalyn got one point wrong about Star Wars. I got two points wrong, one about Portal and one about Tron. Well, obviously we all failed together, but those were the questions that we each respectively felt we ought to have been the one to step up with the right answer. Shamiksan claims not to have any core competencies. Given the number of questions he answers i guess that means he's just generally awesome at everything? :)

So i failed at _two_ questions that i should have gotten, but partially made up for it by pulling the name "Herod" out of nowhere when we were asked about the relevant Jewish king.

The Portal question was something along the lines of "In this 2011 puzzle-platformer game, Chapter 9: 'The Part Where You Die' blatantly breaks the fourth wall." I said something along the lines of "That sounds like it could be Portal, but that was way before 2011." I then started trying to think of alternatives that fit, and eventually suggested Limbo, even though i was pretty sure that wasn't famous enough and knew that the "part where you die" in that game was a lot earlier than chapter 9. So of course the answer was Portal 2. I think that vague notion actually passed through my brain at some point, but didn't percolate to the top properly before i got distracted by other possibilities, which makes me feel kind of double-dumb. In my defense, i haven't actually finished Portal 2 yet. Which is pretty much one of the worst defenses ever.

The Tron question was actually a "Breaking Bad" question in disguise, such-and-such actor also starred in this Tron TV series. I'd definitely heard of Tron: Uprising. I was excited when i first heard about it and i even watched the first episode or two, enough to be both intrigued and confused as to how they were going to reconcile the apparent inconsistencies with the Tron: Legacy universe. But like a lot of theoretically interesting TV shows i never managed to keep up with it, hadn't thought about it in well over a year, and just couldn't come up with the name.

Then there was the question we collectively screwed up on. Something along the lines of "the name of the metal wheel with teeth that connects to the chain on a bicycle." We immediately wrote down "gear", and then something prompted me to say "unless it's a sprocket." Shamiksan said "actually i think that's right", except we then somehow reached the group consensus, me included, to stick with "gear." Guess what the right answer actually was? =P

On the plus side, Avalyn and i rocked the visual round, which was "identify these mostly immortal TV or movie characters." Shamiksan knew one, then passed the sheet to us and we rattled off six more, and after a bit of mental struggle Avalyn came up with the 8th (the guy from Big Trouble in Little China, for whom i recognized both the character and the movie, but just couldn't come up with the name.) Which was nice because most of the time Avalyn and i don't feel like we contribute anywhere near as much as the other half of the team. Though Avalyn is clearly deluding herself about that, she often comes up with a number of things that thumbie and shamiksan are struggling with. In particular i think we've been doing significantly better in the music category on average since she started showing up.
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