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Star Command

I was quite excited to pick up the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 when it went on sale last week because i've been waiting for Star Command for a long time.

I saw news about the Kickstarter back when that was going, but didn't invest in it since they were planning on doing the iOS version first. However it did seem very much like something i'd want. The game was presented as a kind of cross between Game Dev Story and Star Trek. Since i loved Game Dev Story that sounded like an awesome idea to me.

And so far i am liking it quite a bit. I love the simple 8-bit style graphics. The actual gameplay is actually a bit more like FTL (a game that came out between the Star Command Kickstarter and the actual release, at least on Android) but i quite liked FTL as well, so that's not really a bad thing.

But in any case, i'm playing along and i get to a battle where you're trying to rescue a friendly ship from an enemy. After you "win" the battle the captain of the friendly ship declares that there's only one way to stop it or some such, and you're told they've set their engines to overload and are going to try and ram the enemy.

You're given a choice of two different things to say in response to that. Like many such instances it wasn't a real choice, just two different statements saying essentially the same thing. I picked the one that said something along the lines of "Stand down, Captain! This is madness!"

When i picked that option the screen scrolled over to the other ship, paused for a second or two... and then dropped to the desktop and popped up the message "Star Command has stopped."

This is not the first time i've run into a crash bug with the game (it's happened three or four times over several hours) but it was by far the most amusing! I guess she followed my order to stand down a little too enthusiastically :)
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