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Lazy(?) Weekend

So this weekend i had plans to play Minecraft and hang out with Avalyn. However Avalyn had been fighting off a cold(?) for most of the week, so of course as soon as the weekend arrived she finally succumbed to it. So i didn't get to do either of the fun things i had planned.

My next thought was to play some other games and catch up on LJ. Well i did play a little Sins of a Solar Empire (i've been playing bits of that on and off trying to get the last dozen or so achievements) and a lot of 3DS Mii Plaza games but then got distracted by organizing my finances.

Way back when i had to spend a lot of money on car repairs and was in a fair amount of debt (for me anyways, i think it was in the $3000-$6000 range) i started tracking what i was spending on what every month. I put together a spreadsheet (my answer for everything!) and every month i'd look at all my accounts and categorize all my expenses into a dozen or so different categories. This would take up an hour or three every month. Even after i'd paid off all the car repairs i kept it up because it was kind of cool to see how the numbers changed over time. Plus the whole it being a good habit to have thing. However a little over a year ago keeping the spreadsheet updated was one of the many things i let lapse at the time.

So since it was the right time of month to pay my bills on friday and i didn't have any other plans for the weekend i decided i ought to at least make a start on getting the spreadsheet back in order. And then once i started i kinda didn't stop =P Well that's not 100% true, i did do other things over the weekend, but i spent a fair bit of time every day on it. I was up till 3am friday night/saturday morning getting all the American Express records recorded and sorted (and in the process adding several improvements to the spreadsheet.) I think i actually got to sleep around 4am. Then i started in on the Capital One records saturday night and was up till 3 or 4 doing that. Then i tackled my checking account records sunday evening and was only up until 11 or midnight doing that.

So the other stuff i did earlier in the days before getting sucked into mucking about with finances and spreadsheets:

Friday: Sins of a Solar Empire and 3DS Mii Plaza

After getting a couple Sins of a Solar Empire achievements i switched over to 3DS to run through the anemic 2 people i'd collected in the past couple days. In the process however i realized that one can really burn through the Gardening game if you've got coins to spare. I ended up spending slightly over 150 coins going from 9 or 10 plant types to 20, picking up two rares in the process. (Oh kirinn, i was amused that you showed up in the first 5-10 people i randomly hired, out of the 1200 or so people in my Plaza =)

If i'd spent the same amount of coins on the Warlord game it would have given me a little over 20,000 troops, which sounds impressive, except i keep running into people with streetpass who have 300,000+ soldiers. I really wish i knew how they've managed that in such a relatively short time =P

Saturday: TV, mall, and Freebirds

I didn't get up till 11ish on saturday. I spent a little time watching TV and poking at the net before heading off to the mall. I considered getting my usual dinner at Daphne's, but reccently i'd stumbled across a discussion claiming that Freebirds was a much better burrito place than Chipotle, and since i'd noticed there as actually one kind of near me i decided to go check that out. All in all it's decent, but i don't think i really prefer it over Chipotle. One of the big draws is supposed to be that they have four kinds of tortillas, to which my response is "what?" Even when i'm not just getting a burrito bowl i'm not sure why i'd want a flavored tortilla. And notable they don't have barbacoa as a meat option. And to add insult to injury they're a pepsi place. So i took the food home and spent awhile eating and watching TV before getting back to the finance stuff.

Sunday: Lords of Waterdeep

I got up at 11ish again on sunday. I went to the weekly boardgaming session around 12:30 where we played two games of Lords of Waterdeep, but i think i'll actually save that for another post.
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