DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Riddick Review: Spoilery Version

Very spoilery thoughts on Riddick

There are a lot of major spoilers below here!

As soon as he found the dog-thing i figured it was going to end up becoming a companion. And as soon as that was confirmed my immediate thought was "okay, the dog-thing is doomed now." Because if the previous movies have taught us anything it's that anything that Riddick cares about is fucked. You'll probably get killed off in the same movie, and if not they'll drag you back in for the sequel so they can kill you then. That doesn't mean i wasn't sad when the dog bought it of course. And at least they did a good job of teasing it a couple times first.

Riddick "calling his shots" was a bit weird. His ability to anticipate what others would do has always been high, but i can't recall if in the previous movies he literally predicted the future or not. He pretty much got the prediction for Santana 100% right. How his other set of predictions was much more problematic...

It's not entirely clear if Dahl was actually a lesbian, or if she just said that in a "diplomatic" attempt to get Santana to leave her the hell alone. If it was the truth, then Riddick's prediction that he'd be able to turn her was just... gah. Not so much that he made the prediction, it would be rather strange to complain that the brutal murderer was also an arrogant prick, but the idea that he might have be right given his previous track-record of predictions. However he actually makes a dual prediction that A: first Johns would either screw up or betray Riddick (i forget the exact wording) and die (i forget if that part was implied or explicit) and then B: Dahl would ask him to fuck her.

In reality of course we're made to believe that Johns betrayed Riddick, but rather than dying or getting killed by Riddick he left Riddick for dead, which would make Riddick's (A) prediction only half right. But then it turns out that Johns was being pragmatic rather than betraying him outright and redeemed himself by coming back for him. (It would be an interesting debate about whether or not it would count as a betrayal if he'd come back but found Riddick already dead.)

The fact that Dahl was smiling at Riddick and teasing him when she did the extraction seemed to lead Avalyn's sister to the impression that they did have sex after that. Avalyn and i were of the opinion that since Riddick was entirely wrong about part A of his prediction that part B didn't come true either. I'm happy with the interpretation that Dahl is her own person and Riddick isn't perfect.

Though now that i'm thinking about it more, i'm wondering why Dahl stayed behind for the mission to get the power cells, since Dahl was at least as competent and much more trustworthy than that guy from the other team. Also, speaking of which, did Johns and Riddick both not notice that the other guy intentionally drove Johns off the road? Because Johns at least wasn't acting very suspicious of other guy when they actually got to their destination.

And finally, both Avalyn and i noticed and were a bit bothered by the fact that they seemed to spend a very long time _driving_ to the power cell location but took a comparatively very short time _walking_ back.

Oh, and i've got to say that it was pretty obvious just from looking that the two ships used slightly different kinds of power cells, but i still appreciated them taking a minute or so to explain why they couldn't just swap cells between the ships.
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