DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Blister solutions

I went running on sunday, and for some reason my legs are more sore today than they were yesterday =P

In an attempt to prevent further blistering i tried out one of the many suggestions i found online, putting some liquid bandage on the relevant spots of my feet.

When i was done with the run i found that the blisters didn't seem to have gotten any worse, but i had a rough line of red along my toe and some red where one of the proto-blisters was. I'm not sure what the right term for that is. It's kind of like a blood blister, but there's no blister (at least on the toe part.) It's kind of like bruising i guess? But different? I don't know.

The part on the toe looks like it _may_ have followed the edge of the area with liquid bandage on it, but it's hard to be sure. My left foot doesn't have any problems though. All in all it's hard to tell if the liquid bandage helped or hurt or both. Without the ability to do repeat experiments i can't tell if it's correlation or causation for either the good or bad bits.

Further perusal of relevant websites has reminded me that i do have a pair of toe socks lying around somewhere. I need to dig those up and try them for my next run to see if they help. The other suggestion i'm considering is sprinkling some kind of powder in the shoes/on my feet. I'm not sure i should combine that experiment with the toe-sock experiment though.

There's also mention of some kind of special blister bandage you can apply to problem areas which i may look into if all else fails. They supposedly stick better than moleskin, which has never really worked for me. (Just about every time i've tried it before i've ended up with a wad of detached and crumpled up moleskin, which generally just makes things worse.)

But in any case, i managed to improve my pace somewhat this time. I got it below the previous Week 2 mission, but not back down to the pace of the one Week 1 mission that the GPS was working for.
Tags: exercise, running, zombies

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