DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday the 13th Fun Stuff!

It's friday the 13th! Yay! So of course this requires a fun stuff post! :)

First, some guy adopted a three-legged cat. And decided to make little paper hats for him. If you're looking for some kind of chain of logic there good luck, but the cute justifies the means. Also, a lot of the hats are rather geeky, so that's like a triple win.

Speaking of cute things, this is a cute and sweet and slightly sad video about geek girls, which i originally meant to post when it first started making the rounds.

Here's a cool map showing every country in the world, with the names in the language of that country.

And since we 're on the subject of maps, here are some maps of various past empires:

And finally, since we're on the subject of civilizations and empire...

This is old. Very old. But apparently some people still haven't seen "Civilization WITH LYRICS", so here you go!

Though as a bonus, if you've already seen the original then you can check out... "Civilization WITH PONIES" :)
Tags: fun stuff

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