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Missing DragonCon

So just because i'm a masochist i went and looked through the list of guests for DragonCon this year that i was missing out on. Particularly focusing on the performers because that's definitely one of the best parts.

Okay, i was definitely figuring good odds that Abney Park and Emerald Rose and Tom Smith and Voltaire would be there. However i was _not_ expecting a Brobdingnagian Bards reunion!!! I discovered them at my very first DragonCon and ended up buying most of their CDs, but then they split before i ever got to see them again. I'm feeling even more sad about having missed it now =/

Aside from that however, i had a pretty good labor day weekend. Avalyn and i went to her sister's birthday party on saturday, and a "labor day" BBQ on sunday and then went to a special Labor Day Ruin/Malediction/couple-other-clubs mash-up with her sister, and had a nice brunch and did pub trivia on monday. (I discovered that there is now an Original Pancake House just 5 miles from my place. Unfortunately when we stopped by it had a 20-30 minute wait, so we just went to Mimi's Cafe instead.) At this point i think we're both looking forward to a relatively peaceful do-nothing weekend this week though =P

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