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Kerbal Space Program Pics

I promised i was going to get the screenshots together, and i finally did!

There are three albums links here, with a sample image form each

My first (and so far only) successful landing on the moon:

Moon Landing
Moon Landing Album

One of the many sets of brave explorers who are doomed to spend the rest of eternity wandering between the planets:

Lost In Space
Lonely Interplanetary Wanderers

And finally the ship that made it all possible:

Ready For Takeoff!
The Overkill 10

I'm actually up to the Overkill 16 now, though most of the intervening version changes were pretty minor. The main thing i've been doing is adding some nuclear engines to the second and third to last stages, since it turns out those have incredibly good ISP ratings and are perfect for once i've finally got the thing up into orbit.
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