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Internet World Problems: Gmail Fail

As i'm sure everyone who cares already knows, earlier this week Google forced all Gmail users to move over to the new compose style.

If you've been sticking with the temporary switch back to the old style and are unhappy to have that taken away, you are far from alone. (If you're perfectly happy with the new compose, move along, this is not the post you're looking for.)

So what can you do about it?

1: Complain

Or at least give feedback. It's probably unlikely that Google will bring back old compose. Like all large corporations they've invested a lot of pride, not to mention money, in this change. However just because it's unlikely we'll be able to convince them doesn't mean we shouldn't try. My approach is to demand what i really want (old compose back) with the hope of eventually compromising on improvements to the new compose that fix some of the awfulness.

There's a topic in the Google product forums where you can leave feedback:!mydiscussions/gmail/yl_XPO5Hw6Y

There's also a petition to get it changed. Online petitions are usually worthless, but it doesn't take much effort to sign it.

2: Fight the power

Or rather "hack" the system. Turns out there's a way to access an "old" pure HTML version of Gmail, just use either of these links:

On the downside, the labels are a bit janky and it's plain text only, but i like that compose much better than the new one.

Alternately you can hook up an IMAP or POP3 mail reader to your Gmail account and access your mail that way. Ever since +Matthew Dharm switched his mail provider over to Gmail i've been doing that with my other email address. My preferred client is Alpine ( because i'm old school :) (Oh hey! There's a new version out! I should look into upgrading.)

Here's a page on how to configure it:

Of course there are a ton of other email clients, and presumably most of them are more GUI oriented than Alpine. Wikipedia has a list:

3: Move to Canada

Er, i mean another email provider. This is the extreme option that everyone likes to yell when they're upset but almost never follow through on. I'm certainly not willing to go that far myself yet. (Though i did go register a new Yahoo address, just in case =)

Wikipedia also has a lost of email providers as well:

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