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Pub Trivia

jmpava and coraa were down here for most of the last week. This is what happened during the first half of the week, to the best of my recollection and paraphrased quite a bit.

When discussing what to do while they were down here:
Me: thumbie and shamiksan and i do trivia monday nights, we could do that.
Jmpava and coraa: That sounds fun!
neonelephant: And there's trivia near here on tuesdays.
Jmpava and coraa: Okay, we can do both sets of trivia.

Monday night:
Jmpava and coraa: We should warn you, we're no good at trivia.
Avalyn and me: We're not either.
Thumbie and shamiksan: We consider it a good night if we break into the top 10. Last week we got up to 4th before dropping back down to 11th, and that was a freakishly good for us.
Trivia happens.
Us: Politics! Okay jmpava, you answer this (with a little help from thumbie and shamiksan.) And let's double it!
First round scores announced. We start out in second place.
Us: ZOMG! But that's because we doubled early on. Remember what happened last week, we'll drop a lot after the last round.
Coraa gets two or three answers based on podcasts she's listened to recently.
I get two or three totally random answers ("pontoon" and "pandora's box" from the "poo" round being the ones i remember)
Avalyn gets two or three artists/songs.
Thumbie and shamiksan rack up points all over the place.
Second round scores: We stay in second place.
Us: Wow, we're still in second, i'm sure it won't last... oh wait, a Pirates vs Ninjas round? Okay, i think we can hack this.
Third round scores: We stay in second place.
Jmpava and coraa: Oh, this round is on literal music videos, we've seen a bunch of these!
Us: Damn, we did pretty mediocre in the random knowledge round. And this is where everyone else doubles their score and passes us by.

Final scores announced and...
We stay in second place for the finish.
Us: Holy #$%^! How the hell did that just happen?

Tuesday night:
Jmpava and coraa and i to neonelephant and another coworker: Well we got 2nd place in trivia last night, but that is the best any of us have ever done in our lives, so don't expect a repeat performance.
Neonelephant: Don't worry about it (though i wouldn't mind if we beat the team i normally play with.)
Trivia happens.
Us: Well it's nothing like last night, but we're off to an okay start
Us: Wow, that movie round really sucked, too bad. I thought we were doing okay until then.
Us: Oh, a female athletes category, this is going to suck. Well let's just guess the only female athlete we can think of for each sport. Oh hey! That worked!
Us: Oops, we never did use our double, guess we'll have to do it for the final round.
Us: Oh, the final round is on time travelers! We might do okay at this!
(The format was given the picture of a time traveler, name the character and the show/movie. Trivia guy says one of the answers is "Dr Who, Dr Who". Someone runs up to correct him. Me and one other person applaud her for it.)
Scores get announced.
He starts reading from the bottom (of course.) We don't get called, we don't called. And then, "and two teams tied for second place..."
Us: Whoa! We got second again!
Except not, because we finish in first place.
Us: Holy #$%^! How the hell did that just happen?

So two nights in a row of having just the right combination of people and just the right combination of questions. I expect that will never happen in my life ever again, much less repeat twice in one week again.
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