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24 July 2013 @ 08:14 am
Defund the NSA  
Since i haven't seen anyone else post about it yet...

An important amendment is being voted on in the House today to deny funding to the NSA for any surveillance that isn't limited in scope. If you see this fairly soon you can still go tell your Representative what you think! (The vote doesn't have a set time, just "whenever they feel like it".)

You can read the details on EFF's site:

And there's also a "Defund the NSA" site that has a tool for looking up your Representative and their phone number:

The important bit is there are actually two amendments, the Amash amendment which apparently has some teeth to it, and the Nugent amendment that doesn't. So you can't just call up and say "please vote for the amendment to limit the NSA".
Current Mood: angryrebellious