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The Decline and Fall of the Nexus One

*sigh* as expected, it did not take long for the volume rocker to finish dying. Or at least the down-rocker bit is dead.

For some reason the app i installed only works with the down part of the rocker, so at the moment the only way turn on my phone after putting it into sleep mode is to plug in a powered USB cable. Or get a call. Or have an alarm go off.

I could look into seeing if there's a way to get the app (or a similar app) working with the up part of the volume rocker. However that has certain problems. At the moment i have my phone silenced, it only ever vibrates for calls. More than once when turning on my phone using the down volume rocker it has also turned the volume down. Since it was already at minimum volume as desired that was not a problem. However if i start shifting the volume up during the process instead my phone will start ringing when i get calls, and with the down volume busted i'm not sure if there would be any way to turn it off again.

I could also put some more research into the apps that supposedly do the same thing with the trackball. (Love the trackball, so going to miss it when i get a new phone.) The downsides to that are A: the one app i've seen so far requires root access, and i don't have root access on my phone yet. I'm not opposed to the idea, i'm just not sure if the Nexus One is one of the devices where enabling root access wipes the device. B: i'm not sure how often the trackball gets pressed while in my pocket, so it might end up accidentally turning the phone on quite a bit.

Still, that might still be more convenient than having to plug my phone in or convince someone to give me a call in order to use it. Or i suppose i could just schedule an alarm to go off every 15 minutes just in case :)

There's a Google press conference on wednesday next week where they _might_ officially announce specs for the Motorola X. The rumored specs i've been hearing so far have not been great though. It's supposed to have a 4.4" screen (which is better than 5", but not as good as 4") a dual core processor (instead of quad) and only 16GB of storage, with no word yet on whether it will have a microSD card slot or not.

Apparently there will also be some new Droid Razr phones coming out soon as well. Apparently the Razrs were pretty good when they first came out, but are pretty aged now. Of course what i _really_ want is for the Nexus 5 to be announced and actually be a reasonable size and have a microSD card slot. But that seems hilariously unlikely.
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