DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


My right arm seems to be attracting all the trouble lately. I woke up... saturday morning i believe, to find what i'm guessing is a small insect bite on my upper right arm. It seems bigger/more annoying than a flea bite, and i haven't noticed any fleas on my kitty lately, so i'm guessing maybe a spider bite?

In any case it seemed like a normal annoying insect bite for all of saturday. But then for about the last 24 hours my arm decided to swell up a little. Not a lot, but enough to make it look like i'm flexing the bicep on that arm _all_ the time. Which is just kind of weird.

Presumably that will go away pretty soon, otherwise people will start yelling at me to go to the doctor again :) (Actually, it looks like it's already gone down a little bit from the high point last night.)

In other news, the reason why i'm behind on posting is because i spent most of the last four days at AX, so there will hopefully be posts upcoming about that soon.
Tags: injuries
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