DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Physical Therapy

So i went in for my first shock physical therapy appointment today.

It started out predictably enough, well first it started out _really_ predictably with filling out forms in the reception area. But after i got in to see the PT guy i got asked fairly predictable questions, confirming the date of the surgery, asking if it hurt, asking if anything felt numb, asking if i had any problems, etc.

Then he broke out the tools and started measuring things. Turns out my right wrist is still swollen to about one inch larger circumference than me left. He measured the angle of just about every way i could move my right wrist as compared to the left, as well as grip strength for hand, thumb and fingers. My right hand came in behind the left in every measurement of course, sometimes by small margin, sometimes by a large margin. (Apparently going by the index set by my left hand i'm a pretty flexible person, at least in the dexterous sense.)

Then he started introducing me to exercises. First the ones i'm supposed to be repeating at home, put hand flat on desk and tilt arm up and down until i start to feel resistance, then same thing to the sides.

After letting me do those exercises we took a break so he could pick at the spots on my wrist that were still open, picking out... i dunno. Bits of suture. Congealed bits of scab and skin. I was mostly not looking while trying to ignore the sensations.

Then he got out some toys. First he had me mashing up putty, then rolling the putty out, then pinching it flat, then mash it all up again, repeat. All with just my right hand of course. After awhile of that he had me pounding it flat with a small pestle. (Okay, it was pretty much just a piece of dowel.) In particular instead of just going smoosh smoosh smoosh, i was supposed to rotate it with my wrist as i smooshed. Then when i'd made a flat pancake mush it all up again and repeat. Then he got out a small weight on a rope suspended on another dowel. I was supposed to raise the weight by winding up the string, first going in one direction and then in the other. (Holding the dowel with both hands, but doing the work with my right.)

Then after i'd been doing that for awhile they strapped some electrodes to my arm and wrapped it in ice, so they could simultaneously ice my wrist and electrocute my muscles at the same time. I'd kind of thought that the whole electrical stimulation of muscles thing was just a hoax, but i guess it's actually used for real some of the time.

After that the guy told me that he was going to recommend that i get six weeks of physical therapy, 2-3 for restoring range of motion and 2-3 for restoring strength. Of course who knows if the HMO will approve it or not. But at least i've got the basic set of exercises i can do on my own. And if necessary i could probably duplicate everything else except for the electrocution, so i'd really just be missing out on further measurement and diagnostics. And electrocution. Can't forget the electrocution.
Tags: exercise, injuries

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