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Things i did this weekend:

Watched 4-5 episodes of Princess Tutu (we just finished the episode 13 false ending)
Watched Wreck-It Ralph
Watched Goonies
Played a little bit of The Pit on normal (playing as the Marine this time, which is very different from playing as the Engineer)
Collected a bunch of Steam trading cards by just leaving various games running in the background
Started the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta.

I got Blue Mage as my first draw, which is pretty awesome. According to "fair market value" the Black Mage apparently ranks slightly higher, but i like the Blue Mage. As an added bonus, if i get the Beastmaster as my Fire crystal draw then instead of hating my life i get to look forward to just Controlling a bunch of monsters to learn my blue magic instead of inflicting Confuse with items and praying they do the right thing.

I just finished the canal/graveyard of ships and arrived at the first town after that. We'll see how quickly i continue to progress.

Edit: Oh yeah, the other thing i did this weekend: spending a couple hours figuring out why my Nexus 7 had lost root access (due to the upgrade to 4.2.2 apparently) and figuring out how reenable/reinstall it so i could use a PS3 controller to play an SNES game on my Android device :)
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