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Friday Evening Poll

Last weekend i picked up a couple new games from Steam, i started with Leviathan Warships, but most of the rest were of the RPG variety. One of them was "Sword of the Stars: The Pit" a SF rougelike set in the same universe as the "Sword of the Stars" 4x game (which i have not played at all.) I played a little bit of Leviathan Warships, which is decent for a turn based strategy game, though the UI for shipbuilding needs some work, and then got sucked into The Pit. I died once on Easy, then finished my second attempt on Easy last night. I'm considering starting another game on Normal.

Then Steam started the whole collecting cards thing (well, i don't know when it started, but i only heard about it this week.) You can get random drops of cards while you're playing certain games. I've looked at the list of games i own which have card drops, and high on the list is Defender's Quest, the RPG/tower defense hybrid i played a lot of a couple months back.

Then jmpava told me about the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Challenge thing. I guess it started a month or so ago, but apparently it's still going on. This one has the bonus that i can play it on my tablet, so i can take the game with me outside the house, not that i've been doing that much portable gaming lately. Oh, i might as well include a link to the challenge:

So i've got some time to kill tonight, what should i be doing?

Poll #1921449 What Game Should I Play Tonight?

What's a good idea?

#1 Start a new game of The Pit on Normal
#2 Play Defender's Quest to get some Steam cards
#3 Try the FF5 Four Job challenge
#4 Start Defender's Quest on my computer and leave it running to see if i can get card drops while actually playing FF5
#5 You should be doing something else with your friday besides gaming!
#6 Like writing more LJ polls!
#7 Or sleeping!
#8 No, I've got a better idea!
#9 Checky box!

This is the better idea!

What's the _best_ idea?

Radio button!
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