DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff: Late Edition

Woke up late this morning, but here's some last minute stuff.

More Minecraft videos! Because i like those, and other people sometimes do too! :)

Next, i've gotten behind on CPGrey stuff, but pretty recently he put out "Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2", which as usual is both entertaining and informative.

An io9 article about "What story made you fall in love with science fiction and fantasy?" It's one of those polls in the form of user comments, but it's still fun to look through the results, especially with all the cover pictures.

Star Wars Sushi!

Just to balance that out, here's a Topless Robot article talking about issue one of Starlog, the Star Trek magazine which one of the very early sci-fi magazines. The most important part of the article is the link to the complete backlock of old Starlogs on the Internet Archive. Not that i'm that interested in reading old issues of Starlog, but it's cool that it exists. (Rather than having to do something like check PirateBay if one wanted old issues of Dragon Magazine or Nintendo Power *cough*)

Okay, hopefully that's enough fun stuff :)
Tags: fun stuff

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