DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Good News, Bad News

So the final bill for my surgery turned out to be right around $35,000, of which i have to pay exactly $100. Dealing with the HMO may be a pain when dealing with referrals, but at least they pay for the damn stuff once they finally get around to deciding on it. Having insurance is nice.

In other news, the HMO has apparently decided not to authorize a referral for the orthopedist's first choice for physical therapy, so i get to go to their second choice place =P Oh well, at least i have an appointment set up for next week.

Some TMI stuff below the cut

So the bottom of the scar looks pretty clean and neat. The top part, the part right at the wrist, was stretched out a bit and still hasn't sealed up completely. I'm presuming the stretched out bit is normal since that is the part that actually bends and flexes the most, unfortunately i didn't get the chance to ask my doctor since i didn't peel off the liquid bandage part until after i left the office. But anyways there are three small spots that still have scab like things over them, one of which has a tiny bit of stitching poking out. Yesterday i noticed that there was a little bit of welling and white around the bottom of the three spots so i poked at it and managed to get a fair bit of pus out. Not a huge amount, more than i'd expect out of a large pimple but not a _lot_ more, so for now i'm assuming it's still okay. If that spot starts looking like it's filling up with pus again though i'll consider giving the doctor a call.
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