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Convention Schedule

So here is the list of cons and con-like activities i am thinking of engaging in for the next year and a bit

Anime Expo (
Thursday July 4th - Sunday July 7th

This one is right around the corner. It's a little sad how few friends are going these days, but it should be fun anyways.

DragonCon (
Friday August 30 - Monday September 2

Haven't bought tickets yet, but definitely should. And get plane tickets =P And look into available hotel room shares =P

Convolution (
Friday November 1 - Sunday November 3

Seriously thinking about this one. According to people at Baycon this is a fairly new up and coming con. After all the complaining i did about missing the "glory days" of most of my regular cons, maybe i should check this out for some comparison. I'm sure it won't be the same as the stories i've heard about cons from decades past, but at least it would be a con that's not currently going through ossification.

LosCon (
Friday November 29 - Sunday December 1

Definitely kind of ossifying, but it's right next door.

Anime Los Angeles (
Friday January 10 - Sunday January 12

Not the biggest or best Anime con, but it's pretty decent and it's also right next door.

JoCoCruise (
Sunday February 23 - Saturday March 1

So i was interested in this the first two times it happened, but it was expensive, and shelleycat wouldn't have been able to go. Now... well, it's still expensive, but i'm considering it.

SakuraCon (
Friday April 18 - Sunday April 20

A decent sized anime con, and it's in my old home town and i'd get to see jmpava and coraa and maybe a few other people. On the other hand...

WonderCon (

An offshoot of ComicCon. I've never been, but it's supposed to be pretty good and it's right near here. This year it was the same weekend as SakuraCon. If that turns out to be true next year as well it will be a hard choice.

BayCon (
Friday May 23 - Monday May 26?

I've already talked about how much this con is ossifying and how i'm thinking of Convolution as a quasi-replacement, but i'm not quite prepared to give this one up yet. Mainly because it was the first "mid-size" con i ever went to. (Though notable the person who dragged me to it the first time hasn't even been the last two or three years.)

Anime Expo (
Thursday July 3 - Sunday July 6?

Second verse, same as the first.

LonCon/WorldCon (
Thursday August 14 - Monday August 18
Shamrokon/EuroCon (
Friday August 22 - Sunday August 24

So this is the big thing, aside from possibly the JoCo Cruise. London won the WorldCon bid for 2014, which is kind of cool. And Dublin won the bid for the 2014 EuroCon, which is happening the very next week. There is now a large set of geeks (as such things go anyways) that are planning a 1.5 - 2 week vacation of go tour London/England, go tour Dublin/Ireland, and wander who knows where for the three or four days in between. It's going to be a European geek swarm.

I've been to England once and Ireland never, so i'm seriously tempted by this. Not sure what i'd want to do with the time in between? France? (Cause it's easy.) Germany? (Because that's where some of my ancestors are from.) Scotland? (Because it's easy and that's where some more of my ancestors are from.) Or just spend the extra time looking around England and Ireland when not distracted by the cons? (Because that's easiest, and where the rest of my ancestors are from.)

If i'm going to do this though, it's probably not too early to start making plans.
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