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I went by the mall last night after work to see if Morna was still there. I went by her department but i didn't see her around, so i figured i'd kill some time and check back later in case she was in the back room doing stocking.

I went to the watch section as i usually do and looked for my watch. They have a little stand of "Concepts" watches where i first got it from but that nowdays is usually full of ladybugs and cars and grasshopers and all other kinds of weird shapes for watches.

This time however they had exactly one of the kind of watch i wanted! =)

And it was broken! =(

I should probably take this as a bad sign, but i still want to get another one, and since i know that they restock ocasionally i'll keep looking.

Then i went to Warehouse and bought a cheap used CD and went back out through the department store again, but Morna still wasn't there =(

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