DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Small Doctor Update

Actually my orthopedist is rather tall. Er, anyways, went in to see him for the two week post-getting the bandage off appointment.

He still think it's looks like it's going well, and he's put in a referral for some physical therapy. They put in two request, one for the hand specialists he thinks i ought to see, and one for the generic people he thinks the insurance company is more likely to approve.

I'm supposed to be taking the brace off around home and the office now but still wear it when out and about. He also said i could let the outer layer of glue stuff peel off now instead of continuing to reinforce it with liquid bandage like i've been doing. So of course i had it scratched and scraped and peeled off within another hour. And now i can see the _real_ damage that has been wrought upon my wrist =P Perhaps i shall take a picture of that too at some point.
Tags: injuries

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