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Friday Fun Stuff: Books, Books, Games

First up, marthawells' "The Death of the Necromancer" is being serialized for free online at Black Gate.

Here's part one: "The Death of the Necromancer": Part 1

Here's part two: "The Death of the Necromancer": Part 2

Part three should be out this weekend, and part four should be out the next.

It's a Nebula nominated fantasy adventure/mystery novel from 1998 which i would qualify as early steampunk, from back before steampunk got quite so entrenched in certain formulas. It's set in an alternate world in a country that's in a Victorianesque era with the appropriate technology plus magic. And the main character is a gentleman thief, everyone loves classy thieves, right?

Or as marthawells herself put it: "It's basically about a Moriarty-like master criminal and his friends in an otherworldy version of La Belle Epoque Paris with magic, who get involved in a clandestine battle with a sorcerer who seems to be trying to raise the dead."

"Death of the Necromancer" is a standalone book, but there are a couple more stories set in the same universe, including the "Fall of Ile-Rien" trilogy, which has even more magic and more steampunk. And just about all her older stuff is available online as very cheap ebooks from the usual sources. (Personally i prefer the Nook versions of course =)

Edit: And as long as i'm pushing Martha Wells, i might as well also plug the kickstarter she's currently involved in :)

Coincidentally, Martha Wells is also the author of one of the 50 best/most important epic fantasy novels of all time, "The Wheel of the Infinite", at least according to one of the five reviewers who challenged each other to put together such a list.

io9 has a summary with links to all the lists here: "Are these really the most essential epic fantasy books ever written?"

There was an earlier challenge about the best science fiction books of all time which i haven't found a good summary page for, so here are some links:

Jared Shurin - Pornokitsch: Part 1, Part 2

Ian Sales: Part 1, Part 2

James Smythe: Part 1, Part 2

There's definitely a lot of stuff on those lists i agree with, a few i disagree with, and a number of things that i'm going to need to check out :)

And i'm a little late on this, but feministfrequency has released the second video in the "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" series. I've actually been too busy to watch it, but i'm sure it's just as good as the first one, and posting it now is doubling as a reminder to me to watch it this weekend :)

Damsel in Distress: Part 2 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
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