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Friday Fun Stuff

So i already mentioned yesterday (on G+ at least) that Days of Wonder has just released the Android version of "Ticket to Ride", hopefully the first of many Android releases to come.

Ticket to Ride

For those who haven't played it, Ticket to Ride is a train-themed boardgame where you collect cards of various colors trying to complete sets of a single color that you can turn in to place little plastic trains along a route between two cities, with the goal of eventually completing all your "tickets." Each ticket is a card with two cities on it that you need to create a connection between, going through as many intermediate cities as necessary. Each adjacent pair of cities has either one or two routes between it, depending on the map and the number of players, so if someone else grabs the last route at a key point you may find yourself having to make a big detour to complete a ticket, or just cut off entirely (in which case the ticket is worth negative points at the end of the game.)

In theory there's online multiplayer with other people who've bought the game, but so far i've only tried the single-player against the AI. They seem to provide me with a decent challenge, but then i'm not the expert boardgamer that some other people are.

Also as already mentioned this week, the Red Wedding happened in Game of Thrones!

Of course there's still the colection of shocked and outraged tweets:

And this Onion article by "George RR Martin":,32673/

And an amusing list of reasons why you ought to keep on watching Game of Thrones despite the Red Wedding:

And just to round things out, here are a few random links

10 Science Fiction Novels You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Actually Read Them):

Mine of Steel: Superman in Minecraft Trailer
(This is in Minecrat style, but not actually in Minecraft)

And last but far from least, courtesy of coraa
Beetle Juice - A Minecraft Roller Coaster
(This is actually in Minecraft, and it's freaking amazing)
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