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Oh yeah

They also warned me not to wear any jewelry tomorrow. This is presumably just because they don't want to be responsible for missing valuables. Especially because the same warning is also on the instruction sheet they sent home with me, and is immediately followed on the same line with the bold text "leave valuables and credit cards at home." I think i may wear my left hand chainmail bracelet despite that though. After ten(?) years of it i'd feel kind of naked if i wasn't wearing any chainmail at all. And even with the clips on this one it's not like it's trivial to get off. And worst case scenario, even if it did disappear, it's just stainless steel. I could get another one from the same people for $70.

But the number one reason why i'm thinking of wearing it anyways is even sillier than that. On the one hand (er, so to speak) it's kind of amusing to have them write "Yes" on the appropriate wrist, but on the other, they only do that because on rare occasions they _do_ make a mistake. Having the inappropriate wrist be well armored is not the worst idea in the world :)

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