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So i went to the doctor's office for the pre-op appointment today. where they told me all the minor details. Apparently the plate i'm getting will probably be stainless steel, but he says it won't interfere with MRIs or anything like that. (I'm not sure if that's because stainless steel is non-magnetic, or if MRIs do affect paramagnetic materials but the plate just isn't big enough to be an issue.) He also said i probably won't get a cast, but will get a split for a week or so and then go back to the brace for awhile.

He also warned me that the surgery, which is intended to reduce the possibility of something annoying and moderately later in life, may cause my hand to fall off if things go badly. Okay, that's a bit facetious, but something along those lines. There was a long list of potential side effects that were generally much worse than arthritis. I can only assume that the doctor would not be recommending the procedure if the odds of preventing arthritis wasn't magnitudes of order higher than the odds of causing my hand to fall off, because otherwise i'd have to spend days doing research figuring out all the probabilities on my own to try and make an informed decision, and still probably wouldn't do a good job of it.

They wrote "Yes" on my right wrist and warned me not to rub it off, and said if it got smeared i could re-ink it (but just don't admit that i re-inked it myself!) They gave me a prescription for some heavy duty pain killers (but did not warn me to turn around and sell them on the black market, one can tell where their priorities are ;)

And oh yeah, they told me i'm going under general anesthetic. Which still qualifies as an outpatient procedure (thank you for reminding me of the term balivatn!) but they say they won't let me leave without someone there to take responsibility. There's some chance Avalyn might be able to help me out, though i think i'd feel too guilty with the version of the plan where she has to take the whole day off to do so. If that doesn't work out, i'm hoping i can get someone who lives a bit closer to just swing by, lay claim to me, and escort me back out to my car where i will be able to nap for another 4-6 hours till i feel up to driving.
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