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Going Under

So i went to my appointment yesterday afternoon and the doctor told me there was definitely damage along the top of the bone that ought to be corrected. He also preemptively reassured me that he'd consulted with some of his colleagues and they'd all agreed with his prognosis. (I wasn't actually planning on asking for a second opinion or anything, but i guess enough people do that he wanted to try and head me off at the pass?)

After realigning the bit(s) of bone they're going to install a plate to keep everything in place. Apparently they can go in and surgically remove the plate later, but the usual procedure is to just leave it in place. That'll be... interesting. Hopefully it won't be any more prone to set off airport security than my bracelets are? Also, i wonder if the plates are available in adamantium? :) I assume i'm also going to get a cast on the outside and not depend entirely on the plate on the inside, but i didn't actually think to ask about that at the time.

He actually had the time to do the surgery today, and he really thinks it ought to be done as soon as possible since we're hitting the two week mark now, so they tried to rush through the request. Unfortunately we ran into problems with... guess what? The referral! I think i heard something about the person who handles referrals, either at the hospital or at the local insurance branch, i dunno which, having gone home for the day =P

So instead my wrist is going to get another five days to freeze up and the surgery will happen on wednesday. They said the operation is generally a, er, that term that means you get to walk out the same day that i'm forgetting, but i sure hope they're still planning to put me under all the way and not just do local anesthetic. I don't want to be conscious when they have to chisel and pry the two bone pieces apart so they can reposition them properly =P I _almost_ wonder if i ought to be wiggling my hand around until it hurts just to keep it from setting any more, but i suspect at this point it's probably well enough attached that it's not going to budge except for anything that would involve extreme amounts of pain on my part.

So for fun while i was there and the doctor was off doing whatever i grabbed some quick pictures of the scans that got taken of my wrist. Of course when not viewing them through a low-quality picture of a computer monitor they're much more clear. If i remember i'll have to see if i can get digital copies of the images or something.


CT Scan

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