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So in the continuing not so good news side of things, after eight days my arm is no longer super swollen, even after finishing the prescribed four days of megadoses of ibuprofen, but it still hurts when i move it in certain ways.

The Urgent Care place originally told me the Radiologist thought i had a small fracture, and they were going to get a referral, and if i didn't hear back from them about it by wednesday i should give them a call. So i gave them a call on wednesday afternoon, and they said they'd talked to the person in charge of referrals at my regular doctor, and were told that she would set up the referral and was supposed to give me a call. Okay, i can deal with that, but since i hadn't heard form her by thursday afternoon i gave the hospital a call. When i mentioned the name of the person Urgent Care had told me about to the receptionist they said okay and forwarded the call. However she apparently wasn't in, so i left a message trying to explain the situation (though i hate talking to machines, so i may have screwed it up, who knows.)

By this point though i wasn't willing to wait to hear back from her, so friday around 11 i called the hospital again, and this time i got ahold of the referrals person. She seemed to have a hard time looking up my insurance info (i swear, i may be part of a "well known" HMO, but i seem to be part of some off-kilter group) and then told me she hadn't heard anything from the urgent care place and in order to give me a referral the urgent care place would have to fax over all their info.

So i called up the urgent care place and told them i needed to talk to them about my referal. They seemed to have trouble looking up my info and said they'd get back to me in 15 minutes. So 30 minutes later i called them back, and they said they'd already faxed everything over. I said the hospital didn't seem to have it and could they please fax it again and they said they would. Stupidly, i didn't think to ask them exactly when that was going to happen. So i waited until 4:30 to call back the hospital and check in the hopes that the fax would have made its way through by that point. Unfortunately it seems i waited a little too long, because the referral person was no longer answering her phone.

As if i didn't already have enough doubts about private health care, this situation is not doing much to convince me otherwise. I'm paying for private healthcare (albeit indirectly as a perk through work) and when i need it for anything other than a regular checkup i run into a ton of hassles. Shelleycat certainly never seemed to have this much difficulty trying to get stuff done via her Medicare.

So tomorrow i get to call up the hospital again and see if the fax got through, whenever i have time between jury duty stuff. Oh yeah, did i mention i have to report for jury duty on monday? The vague impression i've gotten is that there ought to be plenty of time to kill with calls to the hospital (and possibly the urgent care place, again =P) but if i actually can get everything straightened out it will still complicate trying to set up the referral appointment unless i know how long i'm going to be involved in the jury duty stuff.

Of course on top of that work doesn't pay for jury duty, so every day i'm busy doing that i lose north of $100. I'm not going to lie to get out of it, but i half hope they ask me if i know about jury nullification or something like that. Of course i also half hope that they don't and i get put on a trial where i could actually put jury nullification to good effect. But only if i'm not stuck dealing with it for more than a day or two. I don't know what the average jury time is around here, but if it gets up to a week or more it will start getting pretty annoying financially. To help mitigate things i actually went into work for four hours this evening. And if it only lasts for a day or two, _maybe_ three, i should be able to make up most of the rest by some combination of going into work in the evening, working long days once i get back, and going in on saturday. Or i could just use vacation time, but that seems like a rather sucky use of vacation time.

As an added bonus, having to do almost everything with my left hand is pretty constantly reminding me of the weird tingling/funny bone/carpal tunnel/whatever in my left thumb. Perhaps if i do actually end up with a referral to an orthopedist i can ask them about it in addition to having them look at my wrist. But that might turn out to be against the rules or something =P

Oh yeah, and i managed to drop my phone onto concrete for what i believe is the third time in its 3+ year lifespan today. Having to juggle everything with your off-hand is annoying! Luckily the phone managed to sensibly expend the energy of impact by popping off the back cover and ejecting the battery, so after putting it back together the phone seems fine.

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