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California Boys

You know, i hadn't really thought before about how totally stereotypical my frequent spring/summer weekend activities are for California.

Go to the beach and go rollerblading. Then go to the open air mall and go shopping (okay, usually just for books, but still, shopping.) Then have some vegetarian greek food and maybe follow it up with some frozen yogurt. Today i decided to finish with one of the new iced Mayan Chocolate Mocha's from Peet's.

Oh, and is wandering around most of the time with headphones on listening to music stereotypical Californian, or just stereotypical teen? :)

I did a little less than my usual route at the beach. Partly because i got started a little late and still wanted to make it to the mall and get home at a somewhat reasonable time, and partly because i hadn't gone rollerblading on the beach in a month or two and didn't want to get any serious blisters or anything. I didn't feel especially tired from being sick thrusday though, and it felt great :) I only did half the route with the Zombies Run! app because i wanted a little more control over the music for the fast half of the route. (I should make sure the app is updated, and if a skip track feature still isn't available then i should request it.)

Here's the Zombies, Run! link. I am amused that the first zombie attack occurred while a Minecraft song was playing :)

According to CardioTrainer i went a total of 10.53 miles in 1:19:23, for an average speed of 8.0 mph (with a max of 14.2 mph, i swear, one of these days i'm going to trip going down that hill, break a dozen bones, and never be able to rollerblade or do any other kind of exercise ever again =P) and 445 calories burned.

And now it is time to watch some Daily Show and Colbert Report and read some articles on video games (stereotypical geek) and then walk to the doughnut store later to get a snack (stereotypical failing at diet.)
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