DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I'm not sure if i got food poisoning or some kind of "normal" illness, but i was definitely fairly sick on thursday. (At least as far as i ever get sick.)

I woke up around 2am feeling fairly nauseous, got back to bed for a couple hours around 3ish, then woke up around 6ish still feeling sick. I debated a bit about calling in sick, and finally decided i probably ought to, which in retrospect turns out to have probably been the right choice.

After TMI, TMI and TMI, i felt a fair bit better, but was still kinda feverish and sore. Stayed in bed till around noon, then spent the afternoon and evening out on the couch, alternating between napping and tweeting about how crappy i felt =P

By about 7 pm i was feeling well enough to turn on the tv. I watched one episode of the Daily Show and two and a half episodes of Castle while eating some Cheez-Its and answering some email.

I was kind of surprised that one of the episodes of Castle they showed was the Occupy Wall Street bombing episode. I am not particularly sensitive to such things myself, but i do wonder a bit why someone didn't preemptively reschedule that episode. I guess they don't worry as much about such things for re-runs? And that was (just slightly) before all the crazy stuff started happening in Boston again last night.

On the plus side, i manged to lose almost four pounds in 48 hours! Sickness = best diet plan ever! :) (And yes, i do know that i will be getting it all back, but i prefer to look on the bright side, even if just briefly.)

I was finally feeling _almost_ normal again by the time i went to bed around 11pm, and except for a couple twinges felt completely better in the morning. So i'm back at work again today, and will be able to go to the Robin Hobb book signing at Mysterious Galaxy tonight, yay!

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