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New Gym Stuff

This post is A: a rant, and B: about gym equipment. Therefore i suspect the set of people for whom it would be interesting is very small.

I went to the climbing gym last thursday and found that they'd replaced _all_ the exercise machines in the rear part of the gym with brand new equipment!

I was actually excited by this very briefly, until i realized they'd taken out the assisted pull-up machine but not replaced it with anything equivalent :( Now there's a whole bunch of complicated weight pully stuff that i'm not really interested in. I think that for some reason i have mental issues with exercise equipment that's meant to make things harder for you, but exercise equipment that makes things easier for you is totally okay. I guess i feel conspicuous if it looks like i'm trying too hard?

But in any case, at least they still had the cross trainer/eliptical machines! Or rather they'd replaced the two old ones with two new shiny ones! Although they were definitely structured rather differently, instead of having the pedals and handles both attached to a sturdy base, they pedals were mounted on struts that were connected directly to the handles. But as long it all worked the same it wouldn't really matter. I was slightly annoyed that it had "iPhone" logos on it and a slot specifically designed to hold an iPhone... which my phone didn't quite fit into =P I used to put my water bottle in one of the cup holders and my phone in the other, but this new one only has one cup holder.

When i started it up it did the usual asking for weight and time and resistance level. And it turns out the new machine goes up to 25 resistance! ...except when i actually started it didn't really feel like the 25 resistance was equal to the 20 resistance level on the old machines :(

And then shortly after starting all of the sudden the pedals lost all resistance entirely and the machine went into "pause" mode! It recovered after a fraction of a second, but it was enough to totally throw off my stride. And it then continued to keep doing that, sometimes several times in a minute, sometimes going okay for a couple minutes at a time before deciding to malfunction again. Even when it wasn't going into stupid pause mode i would occasionally feel the resistance "slip" a little in mid-stride. And between all of those issues i found it really hard to get into a good rhythm like i used to be able to do =/ Oh yeah, and because the handle bars are mounted directly to the pedals there's a joint thing right in front that's much closer to my knees than anything on the old machine was, and i managed to bang myself on them a couple times =P

I swore at the machine a lot while using it and then mentioned the problem to one of the staff people when i was done, so _maybe_ they'll figure out the problem and fix it. But it's possible that it's only a problem that's particularly noticeable when you're going at a fairly slow rate with maximum resistance, in which case they might just tell me "you're using it wrong." (Which would fit in with the iPhone theme i guess.)

If i actually had a house i'd look into seeing if they'd gotten rid of the old machines or what and see if i could buy them at a steep discount. (Though i expect they've probably already been snatched up by someone or other.) However since i wouldn't have any place to put them anyways it's not really worth inquiring.
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