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Friday Fun Stuff

Someone put together a collection of awesome redesigns for famous female superhero costumes. They even managed to make Wonder Woman look sexy! (I don't know why Wonder Woman holds the perennial spot in my mind for bad female superhero costumes. She's certainly not the most egregious of them all. But she is certainly one of the most prominent, and even watching Justice League as a kid, before i knew what "sexy" really was, it was still obvious that wearing a glorified swimsuit was kind of a dumb idea.)

Fully clothed female superheros finally look like they can fight crime in the winter

Someone put together a trailer for a "darker and edgier" Calvin & Hobbes movie, it's kinda cool:
Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie (Fan Trailer)

So apparently "Imagine Dragons" and their song "Radioactive" is the hot new thing, at least in my little world.

Lindsey Stirling just did a cover of it with some people:
Radioactive (Cover) Imagine Dragons- Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

And here are some of the cool AMVs from the Sakura-Con contest.

The Best in Show AMV (and my personal choice for Best Action) was by Ileia. It's yet another Evangelion action AMV, but it's a pretty darn good one. And it's set to.... Imagine Dragons' Radioactive =P (I actually saw this AMV before i stumbled across the Lindsey Stirling cover.)
RadioAkshun (AMV Evangelion and Radioactive) Sakura-con Best in Show

Best Upbeat/Fun video (and i voted for it, yay!)
Rock What You Got!

This is what i thought _should_ have won Best Drama. Perhaps being set to an overused song didn't help it though.
Rideback Girl

And this is another pretty good one from the Drama category, and the one that got me interested in Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
-Beginnings- [AMV] [Sakura-Con 2013 Drama Finalist]

And it wasn't one of my favorites, but i didn't really have any favorites in Comedy/Parody, so here's the winner:
AMV - [MEP] I'm Kind of a Big Deal 720p
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