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Friday Fun Stuff: Ow My Brain

I don't have any regular fun stuff this week, because i've spent pretty much all my free time for the past couple days going through the nominated videos for's yearly Viewer Choice Awards.

So just so i have something to post, i'm gonna share some AMVs. If you hate anime you might as well turn this off now :)

First, when i went to Anime LA in January the AMV contest had the usual mixed bag of entries. However there was one of them, called "PonPon" that seemed truly nuts. I had no idea what was going on with the video or what i was supposed to be getting out of it. So i just shrugged my shoulders and did my best to forget about it.

That pretty much worked until i discovered that that video was one of the nominees for the VCAs this year in the Fun and Parody categories. So i looked at the info page and found out it was a parody of a video called "PONPONPON".

The AMV parody is here:

Unfortunately i couldn't find a YouTube copy. If you've got an account or are willing to create one you should really check that out first.

Then, once you _think_ you know what kind of crazy we're talking about, you should take a look at the _original_ video:

It's got 45 million hits so maybe this is old news to most of you, but i had never heard of it before until just now. And... wow.

So to make up for breaking your brain, here are some videos that are _not_ completely batshit insane.

"PonyNote" - A My Little Pony/Death Note mashup:
(Okay, maybe that one is still a little insane =)

"Marketing Ploy" - A really amusing Ouran High School Host Club video set to an amusing parody/meta song about making pop music:

"Crazy, Maybe" - Some anime i don't know set to "Call Me Maybe." I'm mainly including it because hey, "Call Me Maybe" :) In fact i'm kind of surprised that of the 80 nominated videos i've watched so far only _one_ of them has been to "Call Me Maybe", and _none_ of them has been to "Gangnam Style" yet.

Oh, and for those who do have accounts and are interested, the full set of semifinal nominees for this year's VCA awards are here:

The semifinal voting closes tonight, but it's still a useful list of what a lot of people agree are some of the best AMVs of the last year.
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