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My cat is going to be so mad at me tomorrow

We were given notification on friday that this monday the maintenance people are going to be coming around to every apartment and upgrading the light fixtures in the bathrooms and checking on the the smoke alarms.

Notable it also says "we will be starting at 9am until finished." and "Please put your dogs in your backyards or cage them."

It doesn't say anything specifically about cats, but i feel a little nervous about leaving her loose while their are maintenance people going in and out. Unfortunately one of the smoke alarms is in the bedroom so my only options for containing her are

A: Lock her in her cat carrier all day
B: Lock her in the hallway closet all day
C: Lock her in the bedroom closet all day.

Option C seems like it would probably be best. There's a fair amount of stuff in there, but it looks like there's enough room to put her cat pan, food and water in there and still be enough for her to move around at least a little. But i don't expect she'll like it much =/

I also went and bought some new 9 volt batteries for the smoke alarms and put them in, because i'd pulled out the old batteries a long time ago because the alarms were too sensitive and couldn't remember where i'd put them. I'm not sure what management would have said if they'd found battery-less smoke alarms, but i didn't really want to find out.

Then i went and took a shower, and was forcibly reminded of at least one of the things the "smoke" alarms were too sensitive about =P
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