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Another boring Minecraft update

So i kind of got the Iron Golem farm worked out. Upon further investigation there are indeed a couple bugs related to Iron Golem spawning that i was getting hit with. After fixing those and a couple other things i was doing wrong, the farm is working "properly" now. However because i didn't use the most efficient design possible i'm not getting the theoretical maximum average of one golem every six minutes. Instead i'm getting just slightly over one golem an hour. I'm not sure if i want to create a brand new golem farm using the super efficient design or not.

So here's the total state of the Minecraft. Things i've built already, and what i'm like to get done.

Other things i've got in my world so far:

Six story home base with elevated, powered minecart tracks leading to both my atificial village and the naturally spawned village.
Wheat farm
Bamboo farm
Automated bamboo farm (that's only _slightly_ buggy)
Pumpkin farm
Melon farm
Cocoa farm
Potato farm
Carrot farm
Squid farm
Cattle farm
Sheep farm

I've got a colored sheep farm partially set up. I've got red, orange, yellow, green, and cyan sheep so far in separate pens. I've got dye for blue and purple as well but don't have the rest of the pens set up. Unfortunately it looks like the sheep are glitching out of the pens. I'd seen a little bit of the same problem in the larger pen that i use to keep the main flock of sheep, but it didn't matter much because who cares if a few white sheep get away or get over into the cow pen? I can just kill the strays. But then i found cyan sheep who'd escaped its pen and glitched over into the pen that's intended for purple or pink sheep in the future and i had to spend awhile breaking and rebuilding fences and shoving the stray back where it belonged. That could get really annoying if it keeps up, especially once all the pens have sheep in them.

Thing i'd like to make but will take a lot more work than i've got:

Wolf farm (I know where one pack of wolves was hanging out, but haven't gone back to tame them yet.)
Cat farm (Haven't even seen a cat yet, despite having a jungle near my base.)
Slime farm (know a spot where slimes should be spawning if i ever turn peaceful off, but hollowing it out is a fair bit of work. I'm about halfway done now.)
Automated generic monster farm
Zombie Pigman Portal farm.
Blaze farm.
Automated witch farm (No idea where any witch huts are yet, and even when i find one a really efficient farm takes a _lot_ of work.)

And i still need to work on some of my "this would be cool ideas"

The simplest ones are a Heart Container and a Triforce from Zelda. Surprisingly a little testing in creative indicates that the Heart Container would actually be a lot easier to do. I'd also like to do some cool lava structures. There's a giant hill/mountain right in the bay next to the starting position that i'd like to put a fortress on/in. That one would probably take the msot work. (Building cool looking fortresses is difficult!)
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