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Food Truck Fail Day

Today one of my favorite food trucks was supposed to be at the Sports Chalet meetup (not the Lime Truck, one of the others) and a new truck that i was interested in trying.

Since i was a little over on planned calories for the day instead of stopping by there on the drive home i decided to home first and walk to and from the food trucks. In fact i decided that maybe i should try that jogging thing. Well despite all the cross-trainer/elliptical machine exercise i've been doing i still suck at jogging. I got 0.8 miles before i started getting out of breath and my legs started to cramp up and i decided i better got back to walking =P

When i got to the food trucks i discovered truck #1 was not there. I checked their twitter feed, and yes, there was a tweet from two days ago saying they would be there, and no contradictory tweets since then, but there was no truck. So i figured at least i'd get to try the new truck... except it turns out they were all out of beef =P

So instead i got food from two other trucks, and was rather disappointed by both of them. (The first one was somewhat my fault, i misread the ingredients on one of the items and didn't realize there were onions that i should have asked them to remove.) For the other, well, apparently beer battered deep fried avocado isn't quite as tasty as it sounds like it ought to be.

So i didn't get any really good food, and now my legs are kind of stiff and sore, and there are decent odds i'll wake up in the middle of the night with a real leg cramp. Yay =P
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