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Exercise Backlog

I don't think i've posted about any exercisey anything in the past week or two, so... POST!

Last tuesday i went to the gym, and this tuesday i went to the gym. In both cases i climbed some walls, used the pull-up machine a bit, and used the cross-train/elliptical machine a bit.

According to the machine, i burned 1280 calories last week and 1295 calories this week. As mentioned previously that seems like way too many calories for an hours' work, so all i can really say is that i did very slightly better this week than last week.The machine also said i went distance 11.09 last week and 11.22 this week. That distance would be in... km i guess? 11 miles seems like a bit much, especially since i wasn't going that fast. According to CardioTrainer i burned 686 calories. Of course it doesn't know what resistance setting i had the machine on or how fast i was going, it just records a steady calorie rate per time unit, so i have even less reason to trust it than the machine itself. The machine also said my heart rate peaked at 176, though that wasn't for very long. Of course i'm not sure if i should trust that measurement any more than any of the others, especially since the heart rate measurement seems to keep dropping out.

But anyways, besides all the stuff i'm entirely unsure about, i also went rollerblading on saturday, because it was the second warm weekend of the year! Yay!

According to CardioTrainer it was 13 miles covered in an hour and forty minute, for a total of 555 calories.

And hey, while i'm at it, anyone know what it's called when you combine a crunch with lifting your legs up and down at the same time? It seems like a pretty natural combination to me, but all the references i keep finding are to crunches/sit-ups, where you're supposed to keep your feet on the ground and raise your torso, and leg lifts/leg raises, where you keep your torso on the ground and raise your legs,
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