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Ready Player One

Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One" is way too addictive, and at 75% of the way through the book i can't resist making a few predictions...

(If you're a geek who grew up in, or at least likes, 80's pop culture and you haven't read this book, do not read the spoilers. Instead, go out, get the book, and read it right now ;)

Spoilers and speculation for first 75% below

I'm right at the point where the IOI people are breaking into Wade's apartment to put him into indenture. It's already pretty much been stated that he set this up intentionally. There are a couple ways it could go from here, but the simplest and most obvious is that he "accidentally" reveals that he's pretty competent at Oasis and his indenture ends up being forcibly made a Sixer. At that point he can presumably waltz past the force field into the castle (i'm presuming that _they_ have some way around it) and attack the wizard powering the Orb.

Alternately, if there's not a way past the field for IOI either, he may have to find a way to disrupt the session of the wizard in the real world.

In either case he'll obviously manage to bring down the field, and the friends that he's prepped will be able to rush in and help him with the last riddle. (What exactly is up with the circles in the riddle, i have no idea. It doesn't help that it hasn't been repeated since he first saw it. But the requiring them to work together bit seems pretty obvious.)

When IOI realizes what's going on, it will turn out that they were the ones who purchased the Cateclysm(?) device. They will set it off, figuring they can take out all the top gunters, including the ones just about to grab the egg, while they've still got backup players stashed in other sectors.

Wade will be killed along with everyone else, and all hope will seem lost, when something will happen that has never happened to anyone else. Instead of/after the normal death process, he will see a message pop up... "Insert Coin to Continue"...

(Originally i was suspecting that some benevolent party, possibly Og, had the Cateclysm device and was going to set it out to wipe out a major Sixer presence around the final obstacle after warning the gunters to clear out, but that doesn't seem too likely now.)

After all the dust has settled Wade will argue that his contract with IOI was invalid since it wasn't signed under his real identity, or some other such legal mumbo-jumbo.

I am still wondering about the stack of comic books that got spilled in Aech's chatroom way back when. It seems kind of hard to believe that Aech is actually a traitor (though that always does make the best traitor =) For one thing, the Sixers didn't immediately start pouring into the school world after he found the first key. Maybe _that_ was Og, or some other sneaky but benevolent party? Or perhaps he's being blackmailed by the Sixers somehow, so he's being forced to help them in some ways but they somehow can't just make him tell them everything? Or perhaps it was just a red herring to screw with the minds of suspicious people like me? :)

Also, i'm reminded once again that at some point i need to make a _real_ 2112 Rush icon instead of my janky-ass MS Paint version =P
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