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13 February 2013 @ 09:57 pm
Mostly yay!  
Wumpskate finally happened again on monday! It seems that it's going to be an every-other month thing now. I was going to stick around after the end and ask Xian about why, but she was busy at the time and the staff wanted us to get moving =P

So i got about two hours of skating in, which was great. Although between still being a little sick and feeling kind of mopey i was going somewhat slower than usual, so i ended up feeling rather cold for most of the night.

The mopiness was because there were a couple cute girls there (as usual) and then i started thinking about how they weren't as cute as shelleycat, and then i just started thinking about shelleycat, and... yeah. Of course it probably didn't help that we had a regular routine where i'd take break about halfway through and give her a call.

Also fell down for the first time in a long time, but that was only because someone else and i collided. It was a pretty gentle collision and falling down though and neither one of us ended up with more than a bruise or two.

Speaking of which, it's probably a good thing that shelleycat and i never really celebrated valentine's day, or i'd probably be really mopey tomorrow too.