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Damn it!

My phone has been getting slower and slower to repond these days, and has started occasionally locking up. A couple time to such a degree that i've had to pull the battery out to get it to reboot. That happened again this morning and when it rebooted i got a message about the SD card being damaged and did i want to format it?

I said no of course, i'm going to do some research and see if i can do some kind of recovery first, but until i either repair/reformat the card or get a new one half the apps on my phone are unusable, including both Audible and the music app. Unless i get really lucky in the data recovery process it seems like i'll have a couple days in the car with nothing to distract me during the commute. Hmmm, unless i load up the book i'm currently listening to on my Nexus 7 and use that instead...

But anyways, i definitely plan on getting a new microSD card, i'm not sure if i should trust one that's already died and been reformatted. It will be interesting to see if that improves the performance of my phone at all. Of course i'm planning on replacing the phone anyways in a couple months when i know what's available after Google I/O. (Of course, i said the same thing a few months before the announcement of the Nexus 4...)

But in any case i really ought to rethink my backup plans for my phone. And possibly consider the benefits of having it auto-backup the pictures to some service, if i can convince myself that the process will be reasonably secure and private. (Fortunately i _was_ smart enough to back up everything shortly after shelleycat died, so it's not like anything critical will have been lost, even if i can't recover anything.)
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