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09 February 2013 @ 05:57 pm
So some people are off having a fun geek cruise in tropical places. Some people are busy dealing with a giant blizzard. I'm at home being sick, with 50-55 degree weather outside. (Neither hot not cold enough to be interesting.)

Would much rather be healthy and doing or dealing with something interesting instead =P

Well, i guess my eye thing _is_ an interesting new disease, because whatever it is spread to my right eye sometime last night before i went to bed. Luckily after about 12 hours of sleep the right eye was completely better again and the left eye is mostly better. (Still got the cough though, and my nose has decided to start filling up with gunk again too.) But diseases, even interesting ones, aren't fun. But being sick doesn't really have much in the way of positives, no matter how new and interesting the disease is =P

Edit: Also, i really need a cute icon for being sick. I've got a vague image in my head, but not quite exact enough to make out, and i can't find anything in the intertubes that matches it.
Current Mood: sicksick