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It is once again that time of year where i somehow manage to get a pimple on the inside of my eyelid.

Which simultaneously oozes puss into my eye while also making the eyelid swell up and irritate my eye so it weeps all the time.

At least, i think that's what it is. I can't actually see the pimple. but it might be far enough under the lid that i can't see it, and it'd rather that than my eye is sore and filling up with white gunk because i've discovered some wonderful new disease =P

Oh yeah, speaking of which, the cold which i thought i was almost over seems to be trying to make a comeback. Every morning for the past several days i've woken up coughing up bits of crap =P

Okay, looking back on what i've just written perhaps i should add a TMI cut :)
Tags: sick

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