DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

"Warm Bodies"

Went to see "Warm Bodies" yesterday with some people from the local anime group. For those who haven't heard anything at all about it, it's just your classic (zombie) boy meets (human) girl story.

I thought it was a nicely cute and funny movie. Neither excessively slapstick or disgusting, nor excessively sweet and saccharine.

It's not quite as good as Zombieland, and there's more focus on the romance and world building than on the action, but i would place them both in the same general category of fun humorous zombie movies.

If you liked Zombieland and don't mind a slightly higher level of romantic comedy themes i'd definitely recommend it.

I do have to say that i had no idea that it was based on a book until one of the people i was there with mentioned it about ten minutes before the movie started, so i have no idea how closely the movie follows the book or what it screws up.

Oh, and as far as trailers went, i was (sorta) correct in predicting that they'd show a trailer for Twilight the Host. I did like the trailer for "Oblivion", although as usual i'm kinda reluctant to support anything with Tom Cruise in it. The trailer for "The Mortal Instrument" looked like it _might_ be interesting, but i'll definitely want to wait on reviews and such for that one. (And i'm kind of wondering if it was named intentionally so that it would abbreviate to "TMI".)

And it wasn't a real trailer, but during the pre-trailer commercials they showed a spot for "Vikings". Which seems like it _really_ wants to be Game of Thrones.
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