DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Exercise and Fitocracy

Went to the gym again last night, and it went much better than the previous time. Managed to do 13 climbs, though not very many overhangs. (They'd just redone a lot of the climbs in the overhang section, so it was kind of crowded with people trying out the new stuff.) I cut short the number of pull-ups because there was only one cross train machine open and i was afraid someone else was going to grab it, but i did 1308 calories on the machine, so that's good.

On a very related note, catbird convinced me to sign up for Fitocracy, which is kinda like FourSquare for exercise, but modeled a little more like a game. You get points based on how much/what kind of exercise you do, and you level up. If anyone else is using it, or just wants to check out my profile, here it is.

Edit: Hmmm, apparently if you don't have a Fitocracy account, that just takes you to a login page. How annoying =P
Tags: exercise

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