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26 January 2013 @ 06:41 pm
A Hostess Brand I Actually Cared About  
Well crap. It turns out that Home Pride bread was actually a Hostess sub-brand :(

shelleycat always had a slight preference for Home Pride bread, and i was always torn between Home Pride for white bread and Oroweat for multi-grain bread, so we alternated back and forth. So when i was going shopping today i decided it was time to get some Home Pride bread again. Except i couldn't find it on the shelves!

A quick google search turned up the cause, and now i'm kinda depressed :( I had no idea that Home Pride wasn't it's own thing until now. I mean, i probably would have guessed that they were ultimately owned by someone or other, but until the parent company goes out of business or does something so heinous that it's worth boycotting them things like that don't really matter that much as a consumer.

On the plus side, it seems that another company is already bidding on Home Pride and a couple other bread brands, so hopefully it'll come back into existence at some point. Of course normally you'd worry about the new company screwing up the product, but there really isn't that much about Home Pride bread that you could screw up. It's about the boringest product ever. If not for the childhood and shelleycat-related memories i would never have missed it.
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