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Minecraft, Might & Magic, and Macros

Friday when i got home form work i was inspired to try and get my Minecraft server working again. I think it had been lapsed for about a year and a half, maybe a little more. First i tried to just start it running again, and got a bunch of java errors. So i downloaded the new version and tried it out. The new version of the server ran, but it couldn't connect to the IP port i'd specified. Either my version of Hamachi was too old to work with it or it had gotten busted somehow. So i tried downloading the new version of that. It seemed to upgrade fine, except when it was done i couldn't seem to connect to the Hamachi servers. Upon investigating the particular error messages i found some advice suggesting my configurations had probably gotten corrupted and i should uninstall and reinstall Hamachi. The uninstall part seemed to work fine, but when i tried to reinstall it seemed that some fragment had gotten left behind and was blocking installation. I spent awhile figuring that out and i think i managed to remove all the broken bits.

Before installing it again i decided to see if i could get the game working without putting the server online. When i tried that however i found that it didn't seem to recognize my password anymore. I guess i may have changed it at some point without writing it down? I went to the Minecraft page and tried to reset my password, and immediately got an "our server is busy message", which continued for the next several hours.

So while waiting for the Minecraft server to clear up i decided to try out the original Might and Magic since it had recently been on sale on GOG. I loaded it up and looked at the starting characters and decided to start rolling some new ones. So i checked the FAQ (there only seems to be one) on what i should be looking for. Then i got frustrated trying to get good stats. Then i started looking up macro software and ended up downloading AutoHotKey. I figured out how to do screen comparisons and pseudo-OCR and wrote a little script to re-roll characters for me :) It's a little slow, AutoHotKey isn't the fastest language, and there's an obvious delay when the game re-rolls that i have to wait for, so it only gets 2-4 re-rolls a second. I did manage to pick up a Cleric with 18 Personality and 17 Might pretty fast. I tried to restrict it a bit more to get a character with two 18s and left it running yesterday, but when i got home i discovered that at some point the cat had stepped on the keyboard and told it i wanted to create a Robber, and the program had sat there for who knows how many hours hitting "enter" on the wrong screen =P Some people get bugs in their programs, i guess i got a cat? :)

So yeah, that was my weekend of being slightly geekier than usual :)
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