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Anime LA

So last weekend i went to Anime LA. Unfortunately work was insanely busy right after that so i didn't have time to write it up then.

So short version:


I left work early friday to do the first day's stuff. Got there about 2 and registered and started looking around. I checked out the dealer room and then checked out the AMV room.

I made it just about in time for the "AMV 101" panel. Which was interesting, and reminds me that i'd really _like_ to try making an AMV, but i'm not sure if i've got either the skills or the patience for it.

Spent most of the early evening either watching AMVs from past year's AMV contest or wandering about looking at cosplay. I did stop by the "learn the Gangnam Style dance" panel, which was amusing, but i think the teaching skills of the people leading the panel needed a little work.

When i'd first got to the con i'd signed up for the "Otaku Speed Dating" on a whim, and was told that there was a decent chance i'd get in if i got there on time, so at 11 i headed over there, and found that there was already a very long line and no separate area for preregistered people. Long story short, through a series of miscommunications between the people running the event they eventually got the line sorted out... so that all the preregistered people were in the _back_ of the line. So all the unregistered people got in first (possibly including a few preregistered people who were wise enough not to listen to the confused staff) and they ran out of room right when they got to the preregistered people. There was much apologizing about the screw-up after the fact, but nothing they could really do about it at that point.

So instead i went to the dance, where i found that the emphasis was on dubstep. It wasn't _pure_ dubstep, but a lot of the songs had remixed dubstep sections mixed in, and i think the percentage of dubstep may have been going up as the night progressed. I don't actually find dubstep generally annoying to listen to like a lot of people, but it really seems hard to dance to. I stuck around until what i presumed was almost the end before bailing though, just because how often do i get to dance at all these days?

So all in all i'd kind of been expecting the early part of the day to be a wash but the late night to have the fun stuff. Instead the early part was fun but the late night stuff was kind of a wash.

Since jmpava happened to be in town and at loose ends i picked him up and gave him a ride to the con on saturday. We got there about noon i think. The main parking lot was already closed by that point so we got to wander around for a little while figuring out which of the nearby parking garages to inhabit.


We looked around the dealer room and artist alley, went to several of the cosplay gatherings, went to the "Best anime of 2012" panel, and watched a bunch of AMVs. (Oh, doctorskuld i saw a _ton_ of cute and cheap little One Piece and Doctor Who things, and i briefly considered getting you something. Then i thought about the price of shipping stuff to England and changed my mind. Sorry! =) We left around 8:30 so i could drop him back off at his hotel. I did consider going back to the con for the dance and whatever else was going on that night, but A: it would have involved about an extra hour of driving, B: it would have involved having to park again, C: my legs had actually cramped up the night before and i wasn't sure how they'd feel about more dancing, and D: the AMV contest was at 10 the next morning.

Sunday i got up earlyish to try and make it in to the AMV contest. I thought i was going to be a little late but ended up making it just in time.


The AMV Contest was so-so. The highlight was a new (for me) AMV from Studio Hybrid featuring Last Exile set to Abney Park's "Under the Radar." The lowlights(?) were two videos that i'd already seen at AX and wasn't super fond of. "Save the World" is decent, but it's about an anime i don't recognize, and i was just "oh, i've seen this before." "Naruto Ball Z: Shippuden" on the other hand... Look, it was really cute the first time it was done. It was short and funny and set to decent music. This time, the joke is old, the music isn't as good, and the video went on waaaay too long. Especially the "finale".

Aside from those, i did like "Furinkan Stalker", "Summer Rain", and "Galaxies." One of them ("Killing You" maybe i think?) seemed like it might be about the "stuck in a MMORPG" anime we'd just heard about the day before in the panel, but i couldn't tell for sure and i can't find a copy of the video online now to check.

There's a complete list of all the videos here for anyone who cares.

After the contest i did the same wandering about, checking out various rooms, checking out cosplay, stopping by the AMV room from time to time (once they finished using it to count votes for the contest at least) and checking my 3DS for streetpass.

By the end of the third day i'd probably gotten about 200 StreetPasses. I _know_ i got over 100 in one day because it gave me an achievement for it :) I filled out at least four or five puzzles and finished off the Secret Quest for Find Mii 2. I thought i was doing good with the number of StreetPasses i got at WorldCon, but this totally blew that away. I'll have to remember to bring my 3DS along and check frequently at the next con i go to.

Just about the last thing i did at the con was stumble across some people playing a fighting game... featuring My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters! Apparently a group of people got together to create a "Fighting is Magic" game. It's entirely unofficial and not ready to release yet, but one of their beta testers leaked a copy so it's floating about on the internet if you know where to look. I'm not a big fan of fighting games but it definitely looks pretty cute :)

Oh yes, and t-shirt score keeping. No one seemed no notice or care about the Mario "Game over man!" shirt. However the Tron Pony shirt got a number of "Bro hoof!" comments/requests, and a number of people commented about the Full Metal Alchemist shirt.

So to wrap up, here's all the tweets i made during the con:

ZOMG! There's an 8-bit Lindsey Stirling t-shirt! Must have!
2:19 PM - 4 Jan 13

Oh yeah, I'm at Anime Los Angeles now. Prepare for possible twitter flood :)
2:20 PM - 4 Jan 13

Heh, and it wasn't even 15 minutes before I randomly ran into ConGirl :)
2:31 PM - 4 Jan 13

There is an unbelievable amount of Homestuck cosplay here. Actually, given the experience of past cons I guess it is believable. #AnimeLA
4:36 PM - 4 Jan 13

The people trying to teach people who don't know how to dance to dance the Gangnam Style dance really need to be taught how to teach.
6:28 PM - 4 Jan 13

Hey Guidebook, why you no let me share my schedule between tablet and phone?
6:37 PM - 4 Jan 13

@oakandsage ...when I first read that I thought the "i" was a "!" #VeryConfused #IGotBetter
6:57 PM - 4 Jan 13

@exaggerated the same shit hasn't happened to the same guy again yet, but the day is not yet over?
7:26 PM - 4 Jan 13

Wow, gotten 30 StreetPasses in the last 30 minutes! Wish I'd thought to start checking my 3DS earlier in the day!
8:14 PM - 4 Jan 13

@oakandsage how about Vernor Vinge, Robin Hobb, Lynn Fleweling or David Weber? They're almost as long. Or Bujold's entire Vorkosigan series?
8:17 PM - 4 Jan 13

@oakandsage Oh, if you want a long _series_ then not Vinge. But Hobb, Flewelling, Weber and Bujold still work, especially Bujold :)
8:22 PM - 4 Jan 13

@oakandsage Well for Weber the two real choices are Honor or Safehold. Weber _is_ an acquired taste though. #BeWarned
8:26 PM - 4 Jan 13

@oakandsage Of course for Flewelling there's only one choice, the gay elves series :)
8:27 PM - 4 Jan 13

You know, I actually like moderate amounts of dubstep as a form of music. But it just does not work as something to dance to.
2:22 AM - 5 Jan 13

Hmm, 2:30 am, should I head straight home and get to bed or get some dinner first? #AnimeLA
2:31 AM - 5 Jan 13

Ow, ow, ow! Got cramps in _both_ legs last night! Maybe should have eaten a banana for dinner instead of burrito and fries.
10:25 AM - 5 Jan 13

Of course it's a bit harder to find someone willing to sell you a banana at 3am.
10:27 AM - 5 Jan 13

@tiercel42 @exaggerated It's amusing to be reminded of that chart while actually at a con :)
1:58 PM - 5 Jan 13

@tiercel42 It's my fault, I watched the movie a couple days ago, and clearly there was some psychic contamination.
3:08 PM - 5 Jan 13

Random bit of conversation overheard in con hallway: "Those are my nipples!" No idea what the context was.
4:32 PM - 5 Jan 13

There seems to be a minor trend of girls in Tardis dresses. At least for something like that I think 2-4 qualifies as a trend. #AnimeLA
5:15 PM - 5 Jan 13

Could go back to #AnimeLA for late night party and dance, but last night I got burned by the speed dating FUBAR and the dance was dubstep
9:18 PM - 5 Jan 13

Plus it would take 30 minutes to drive back after dropping off friend. Perhaps I should just quit while I'm ahead and go home and sleep.
9:23 PM - 5 Jan 13

I just paid for $8 of fast food with a credit card, having spent all my cash at the con. I feel vaguely ashamed. #YesImOld
9:58 AM - 6 Jan 13

Thought I might be late to the AMV contest, but I got here the exact minute they started letting the line in. #YayTiming
10:08 AM - 6 Jan 13

My favorite action AMV was the Studio Hybrid video using Last Exile and Abney Park? What a shocker! #AnimeLA
10:53 AM - 6 Jan 13

If announcement of #AnimeLA AMV contest winners is scheduled immediately after and in the same room as the counting of the ballots...
2:12 PM - 6 Jan 13

Then perhaps when counting of ballots runs past schedule you should put a sign outside the door letting us know of the delay #AnimeLA
2:12 PM - 6 Jan 13

At the start of #AnimeLA the projector in the AMV room had zero dead pixels. Now it's got at least 50. #DeadPixelCount
3:10 PM - 6 Jan 13

Somehow didn't think of all the relevant inappropriate jokes until I actually saw a girl in a TARDIS dress together with a Doctor Who
3:24 PM - 6 Jan 13

#DeadPixelCount is now up to at least 60. Sadly(?) #AnimeLA will be over before the screen turns completely white :)
4:30 PM - 6 Jan 13

Wow, there is a My Little Pony fighting game, "Fighting is Magic". It's very cute. (And unofficial of course.)
5:46 PM - 6 Jan 13

And now it is time for me to head home from #AnimeLA :(
5:49 PM - 6 Jan 13

Last day of fun con and my throat is starting to feel a little scratchy. And tomorrow I go to a three day work con. #ConCrud #PatientZero
6:46 PM - 6 Jan 13
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