DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Exercise and mall

Back into my usual routine. Two hours at the gym, two hours at the mall, and a half hour shopping at Albertson's thrown into the middle just cause.

On the way out to the car i felt a twinge in the right side of my back, like it was getting ready to go sproing. However i continued on to the gym anyways. It didn't bother me at all while i was exercising, Then almost immediately afterwards the left side of my back started feeling twingey instead =P

I felt kind of out of shape. I'm not sure if that was because i hadn't been in a week, or because i'd been pretty lazy for that week, or because i was feeling a little borderline sick. Despite that i managed to do a couple of the yellow overhangs that made me happy. Then on a pretty simple up and down orange one of my feet slipped, which isn't that unusual, except in this case on the trip down following my foot my leg managed to encounter another hold and gouge a small piece out of my shin =P

When i got to the cross-trainer i felt like i was doing pretty poorly, but i ended up doing a total of 1282 calories, so yay!

At the mall i was disappointed to discover the GameStop was closed already. Even if it was a sunday, who closes before 7? I suppose it could have been a New Year's Eve eve thing, since they didn't actually seem to have hours posted. On the plus side Cost Plus was doing a 50% off sale on holiday related snack stuff, so i bought way too much of that :)

Also, apparently i have become legend at Daphne's Greek. The old employees tell the new employees about that guy who comes in and always orders the same thing =P

And then i came home to a very needy cat who was very sad that i had been away preventing her from sitting on my for almost six whole hours. She is now making up for lost time.

And since i haven't done it for awhile, here are some related tweets:

Hmm, I flew from Seattle to Los Angeles, and the weather didn't change at all. 40s and wet.
7:05 PM - 30 Dec 12

Oh hey! I can see my breath! #WayTooExcited
7:20 PM - 30 Dec 12

Go to Daphne's. New person at cashier. Then old person walks by, points at me and says "this is the one I was telling you about!" #Infamous
7:27 PM - 30 Dec 12

I'm outside in 45°F weather wearing shorts and a t-shirt, eating frozen yoghurt. #YesImStrange
8:13 PM - 30 Dec 12

1.5 weeks of her being radioactive + 1 week of me being away = 1 very needy kitty. Presumably she'll get over it at some point.
9:11 PM - 30 Dec 12

Being followed and sat upon ALL THE TIME is cute, but also inconvenient. #AnInconvenientCat #ButCute
9:13 PM - 30 Dec 12 · Details

Is it cold in here? Or is the numb feeling because my leg fell asleep while the cat was sitting on my lap? #AnswerIsYes
9:18 PM - 30 Dec 12

Removed cat from lap. Rearranged leg to restore feeling and also prevent gangrene. #ButTheCatCameBack
9:37 PM - 30 Dec 12
Tags: exercise, random

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