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29 December 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Holidays and New Years  
Well i'm back from going home for the holidays. While i was there i did very little on the internet. No LJ, no G+, no Steam or GOG sales. I did check twitter once or twice, and voted for seanan_mcguire's cover in the "Ranting Dragon Cover Battle". Everyone else should go there too and vote for one of the two covers, preferably Seanan's of course ;)

Normally i spend the day or two after christmas playing with new stuff, but that didn't turn out to be especially practical this time due to poor planning on my part. I did watch a couple of the new DVDs with my family, but i couldn't read the books i got because i needed them for the flight home. (I figured i'd be okay with just ebooks, but i hadn't really realized just how long the wait is on a plane when they make you turn off all the electronics and you have nothing else to do.) I got a couple DS games, but had my 3DS along instead of my DS (and DS games look really funky when you play them on a 3DS.)

So i spent most of the time playing "Hot Springs Story" and "Mega Mall Story" on my Nexus 7. And being frustrated with how difficult it is to make notes on a tablet using Google Drive and being annoyed by various bugs and missing features in it.

My flight home was scheduled to get in about 10:45 pm, but it was delayed a bit, and then when we arrived the first shuttle to Aviation Station drove right by me without stopping, so i had to wait another 25 minutes for the next one. As a result it was around 1:30 am by the time i got home =P

My cat was veeeeery glad to see me, and spent the whole rest of the "evening" following me around and sitting on me or next to me at every opportunity.

I didn't actually feel like getting to sleep till 5 or 6 am. As usual my schedule has been gradually drifting without work to anchor it down, and i'm wondering if i should make an effort to rotate it all the way around. If so i'm not sure if i should try to do that now, or wait until New Years itself. I'm not doing MMP this year and haven't heard about any other parties by local friends, so i'm thinking of going to the local anime group's party.
Current Music: Blues Traveler - Christmas
Kirin: Goomba-transparentkirinn on December 30th, 2012 07:36 pm (UTC)
You know you can toggle the scaling for DS games on the 3DS, right? Of course, the choices are still either "kinda blurry" or "kinda tiny", but some games actually happen to look pretty good in one mode or the other, so it's worth seeing how it works out.
DonAithnen: Games: Consoles (Nintendo)donaithnen on December 31st, 2012 06:15 am (UTC)
Yeah, i tried that when i first got the 3DS. It seemed like my choices were blurry and unattractive or too small to see effectively. I only did it with one or two games though before giving up. I do wonder if it words better on the 3DS XL though.
Kirin: Goomba-transparentkirinn on December 31st, 2012 01:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah, I heard one-to-one DS mode on a 3DSXL is nearly as large as on an original DS, so it works great. (I'm not about to shell out for an upgrade already, though, plus I'm not sure how well it'd fit in my pocket and I still carry the 3DS everywhere.)

But I've found that some DS games, particularly ones that are mostly 3D polygon graphics, seem okay stretched - mostly because they're all anti-aliased to begin with. It's pixel-aligned sprite graphics that suffers most.