DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Exercise and Vibrams and Random Stuff

I've gone to the gym twice in the past week, on monday and today, and tried out both sizes of my Vibram shoes. It seems like the 41s make my second toe feel a little cramped and afterwards they feel slightly sore, while the 42s make my first toe feel a little loose and afterwards they feel slightly blistery. So i guess i'll stick with the 41s for exercising, and maybe they'll stretch out a little over time.

The first time i managed to maintain an average of about 1250 calories/hour for one hour on the cross train machine, and it didn't seem that that bad. Today i was able to maintain an average of 1269 calories/hour for one hour, and it seemed much more difficult. I'm not sure it that was because of the extra 19 calories/hour, or just the mood my body was in.

On the downside, i managed to bang my knee coming down one of the walls today, and now it's sore =P

I did end up deciding to "invest" in gift cards for Daphne's. I bought three of the $30 cards on monday. The free bonus $10 cards don't become active until january, but i was able to use one of the regular cards today for dinner.

Also, i stopped by Cost Plus World Market and was happy to discover that they've got a lot of their candy on sale, so i ended up spending about $20 on a bunch of Haribo and licorice (but unfortunately not Haribo licorice, because they don't carry the assorted kind for some strange reason) and, on a whim, some "sticky toffee steamed puddings".
Tags: exercise, food, random, shopping

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